The Benefit of LinkedIn for Actors and Other Business Professionals

There’s not any doubt the importance of a nicely put together social media profile for professionals in today’s world. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+ are a few of the more popular social media platforms anyone with an online connection can produce.

They are also the most thought about concerning presence. I remember when LinkedIn first came out. I didn’t think anything of it set up a profile anyways. Today, LinkedIn has over 477 million profiles ranging from individuals, businesses, and groups. Proteus Leadership LinkedIn It is the number one specialist media platform existing today. If the number of users is not impressive enough, the number of profile views for its first quarter of 2016 was 45 billion!

Why not? Seriously, in all reality, what damage is there to devote the opportunity to establish your profile? Outside my rhetorical question, let’s look at the practicality of what LinkedIn really is. Your LinkedIn profile serves as a electronic resume. The qualities of LinkedIn help you organize your professional career and keep track of all of the projects, adventures, volunteer work and instruction you get involved with. LinkedIn helps others who may be interested in working with you to get a fast snapshot of who you are – your focus, your personality, and your expertise.

Being a celebrity, you’re in one of the very competitive business. Anybody who has been in the entertainment industry for any period of time knows it is all about networking. It is about who you know and the jobs you’ve been part of. Sure, posting videos on YouTube assists, acquiring a Facebook Fan Page helps, and possibly even your internet page.

Fan’s are great, but you are in”show business”. The most important part of that term is”BUSINESS”. If you are not developing your professional and business side, it doesn’t really matter what buffs you have because fans won’t have anything to admire if you’re not receiving work!

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