Ideas for Bath and Shower Type Bathrooms

The bath vs. shower type bathroom war has been running for a long time. It’s time to consider both sides.

In this day and age, there is barely anyone who has time for daily bath. So, it is better to look for shower if you have lack of time for your small bathroom ideas. Showers have a lot to do if you are a creative person. You can be completely yourself with your thoughts. It doesn’t matter what kind of thought you are getting. What matters is the day to get better due to it. If you have regularly been using shower, you may want to have a bath that creeps up in blue moon at least once but your mind will program itself to switch to shower.

There is nothing more annoying than waking up to a house which is chilling cold and you cannot leave heating for long and off because your heating bills can cost more than rent. This is where bath seems to be more convenient especially in winters. It is the best bathroom theme ideas for winters. Bathing completely spells “it’s me time” and shower fanatics really should continue with it. Baths are simply the place to escape from all the mundane things in life and play around in bubbles. These are supposed to be the best bathroom décor ideas.

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Tabletop Fireplaces Adding Form and Functionality

Even though most of the modern homes rely no longer on traditional fireplaces for heating, they still enjoy great demand. Tabletop fireplace has always been adding a special attention. The feel of enjoying in front of fire, with a mug of hot chocolate, while snow falling outside the window, or just sitting in front of fire while spending the romantic evening may strike in your mind when it comes to indoor tabletop fireplaces.  If you live in apartment, small home or condos, you may not get the luxury of in-built fireplace. These days, you can easily buy a fireplace which can definitely fit in even the smallest space.

You can choose from different options like bio ethanol tabletop fireplace, compact fireplaces, wall mounted fireplaces etc. When it comes to buy a fireplace in your small space, you will soon find that some use electricity while some use gel fuel. Both of these fireplaces are eco-friendly as they don’t need special hook-ups or venting and they are odor free and clean. You may also like to consider the convenience and cost of both before you buy a small space fireplace. Gel fuel may definitely last around 3 hours as they come at around $65 on average and in case of 24.

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